Why invest in property in the first place?

Move closer to your financial goals

Everyone’s goals are different. And most require money. But unless you’re a super high earner, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to save enough money to achieve many of those goals with any degree of comfort and ease. That’s where investment property ownership can help. Whether it’s to enjoy the good things in life once you retire or to set up a future for your kids, smart property investment can help you achieve the goals you always dreamed of.

Pay off your mortgage sooner

Guess what. You don’t have to fully repay your home loan before you invest in property. Usually this isn’t necessary and a well-chosen investment property can even help you pay off your home loan sooner. It’s not unusual after five or ten years to make a significant capital gain than can be put against your mortgage if you choose to do so. And right from the very beginning, it’s usually possible to restructure your debt to pay as little as 2% interest on your personal mortgage. That could shave years, even decades, off your home loan.

Big tax advantages

Like most investment property owners, you can offset many of the expenses incurred in owning an investment property against the tax you’d normally pay. This effectively keeps more of the money you’ve worked for in your pocket. What’s more, significant capital gains tax discounts exist for investors who sell their investment property in certain situations.

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