How our Process makes investment property dreams a reality

Over the years we’ve shaped the most efficient, helpful property investment process you’ll find. It all comes down to three easy steps:
1. Reality check
2. Show you how
3. Make it happen

Reality check

One 45-minute chat could change your entire life. We sit down with you, assess your financial position, and face facts. We show you how the banking system can be used to help you get ahead instead of being the thing that keeps you spinning your wheels. We discuss your goals, your dreams. And we help you realise that to continue the status quo is a bad outcome. It’s the talk we have to have, but it’s the foundation upon which we’ll help you build your future. All things going well, you’ll come out of it feeling inspired, just as hundreds of others before you have.

Show you how

Inspiration needs direction. Next we show you the way forward, including setting goals to pay off your mortgage quicker than you ever imagined (did you know it’s possible to pay as little as 2% interest on your mortgage?) while owning an appreciating investment property asset. What’s more, we’ll show you that you can achieve this with little to no impact on your current living expenditure. We’ll discuss good debt versus bad debt, cashflow redirection, and all manner of clever financial strategies in terms that are easy to understand and even easier to act upon. And of course we’ll introduce you to a range of investment property options and explain which ones are right for you and your unique situation. This is not a cookie-cutter service. We’re not flogging flats. It’s a highly personalised plan that matches you to the best strategy to achieve your goals. Which brings us to the really exciting bit...

Make it happen

Imagine. In a matter of hours your worries could be allayed and you could finally be a property investor building a better future. With your personalised plan in place, we’ll take care of everything for you and make it happen. We’ll rearrange your finances, get your home mortgage sorted (with those rates as low as 2%), and sign off on your ideal investment property. Once you discover how easy it is, and how proud and confident you’ll feel as a result of successfully sorting your finances and acquiring your first investment property, you’ll probably want to do it again. And we’d be only too happy to show you how best to make that happen, too.

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